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Modern day conservatories are used for a wide range of purposes, such as extended living spaces in houses and hosting social events. Conservatories were originally constructed entirely of glass panels. However, as homeowners began to use their conservatories for other creative purposes, the need for a change in appearance and structure became apparent. Conservatory roofs options are now made from a variety of materials, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Keep in mind that the type of conservatory roof options you choose will not only affect the overall look and feel of the conservatory, but will also determine how warm it is, the level of illumination, and how easy it is to maintain. Interestingly, in this article, you will learn about the various types of conservatory roofs and which one is best for your living space.

Glass Conservatory Roofs

If you want the roof of your conservatory to be completely transparent in design, glass roofs are without a doubt the best option. But why is this so? This is due to the fact that glass conservatory roofs are made with a high-quality glazed panel that lets in an incredible amount of natural light. These materials can retain heat more effectively than a polycarbonate conservatory roof because they are more airtight and robust.

However, its inability to regulate temperature makes it less suitable than a tiled conservatory roof. Furthermore, unlike a warm tiled roof that requires little or no maintenance, glass roofs are a nightmare to keep clean.

Finally, glass conservatory roofs are generally designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, particularly high winds and heavy snow. Most importantly, will this be your final selection from the range of conservatory roof options? Wait, don’t make a decision just yet; keep reading!

Conservatory Roof Options
Conservatory Roof Options

Polycarbonate Conservatory Roofs

Polycarbonate’s high thermoplasticity makes it suitable for conservatory roofs. They’re made of multiple layers of plastic sheeting, which allows for an air gap in the middle, allowing warm air to be confined. When compared to other conservatory roof types, it is by far the cheapest and most lightweight.

However, if you choose this from the range of conservatory roof options, it will not provide adequate thermal insulation, limiting their usability during the summer as they become too hot, and also during the winter as they become extremely cold. They also have the lowest weather resistance because scratches and marks on polycarbonate roofs are easily visible. Will you accept this? That’s not going to happen anytime soon. You have one more to go!

Conservatory Roof Options
Conservatory Roof Options

Solid or Tiled Conservatory Roofs

When it comes to a roof that best regulates the temperature of your conservatory, a tiled or solid conservatory roof is the best choice from the range of conservatory roof options. These roof types are ten times more thermally efficient than polycarbonate or glass conservatory roofs, allowing you to use your home extension comfortably all year.

With their flawlessly improved durability, you won’t have to worry about a new roof replacement for a long time. They also provide unrivalled resistance to any harsh weather condition. Nonetheless, these unrivalled conservatory roofs are rated as the most simple roof type to maintain without going bankrupt.

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight & Fully Insulated
  • Rapid Installation
  • Bespoke Roof Designs, Styles & Finishes
  • Designed to Replace Polycarbonate & Glass Roof
  • UK Homeowners’ First Choice
  • 100% Thermally-efficient & Soundproof
  • Cost-effective & Delivers Value
  • Durable & Long-lasting
  • Easy to Clean & Maintain
  • Compliant with building regulations

Surprisingly, replacing a glass or polycarbonate roof with a solid conservatory roof can be done quickly and easily without having to redo the entire installation process.

With all of these fantastic advantages, the main disadvantage of a tiled conservatory roof is less impressive illumination. This can be easily improved by using specially designed uPVC windows or roof lights.

Conservatory Roof Options
Conservatory Roof Options
Conservatory Roof Options
Conservatory Roof Options

When Is The Best Time to Replace Your Conservatory Roof?

The symptoms of a damaged or faulty conservatory roof are not difficult to detect; they are usually obvious. When your conservatory is no longer what it once was, when your space becomes too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, it may be time to consider conservatory roof options. Do you have any of the problems listed? Get up! It’s time for a change:

  • Excessive energy bills
  • Bone-chilling conditions in the winter
  • Excruciating heat in the summer
  • Leaks, mildew, mold, or condensation
  • Loud rain on the roof, no sound insulation
  • Missing roof tiles, and more

Regardless of the style of your conservatory roof, whether Edwardian, Victorian, or Lean-to, you will receive robust and comprehensive solutions that meet your needs and budget. Don’t miss out on the amazing benefits that a Warm Roof has to offer; contact a reputable company like GREEN LID today to restore your conservatory roof.

Closing Points

A conservatory installed on the back side of your house provides you with the luxury of having a beautiful conservatory in both the summer and winter seasons. More importantly, to make the most of it, a fully insulated tiled replacement roof, such as the warm roof, is without a doubt the best solution for ensuring a thermally regulated all year round living space.

Update Your Conservatory Roof Beautifully with Warm Roof from GREEN LID

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