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Imagine sitting comfortably in your fully-insulated garden room, working hard, sweating out your worries, or taking a break to relax and play games on your console while gazing out the window to admire the beauty of nature in your garden.

Indeed, the sensation can be captivating and spellbinding. Garden rooms provide stunning luxury and incredible flexibility. Almost every UK homeowner nowadays desires a garden room in their home.

But what could be the source of this sudden interest in these modern pieces of architecture? There are a plethora of reasons! However, the demand for garden rooms grew as many UK homeowners demanded more space in their homes, fueled by a significant increase in remote jobs and other home activities.

When it comes to adding more space to your existing home, you have a lot of options. However, the best alternative solution in a situation like this is to design a superb and picture-perfect garden room that caters to your needs.

Congratulations on making it this far; now, for those who don’t know, let’s look into the definition of a garden room.

What Are Garden Offices & Rooms?

Garden offices are highly insulated extra spaces that allow you to convert that unused rear side of your house into a more conducive work environment which can be used all year round. One thing you should know is that a garden room can be used for more than just a work office; it can also be used as a games room, gym room, study room, or even a music room.

Many of the advantages of garden offices and rooms will be discussed in-depth in this article, and you will also learn why garden offices and garden gyms are excellent choices for extra living space. Let’s get started!


Do you have a limited budget but want to create extra space in your home for office work, workouts, or for your children to play their favourite games? All of these desires could be realised with garden rooms.

Garden rooms are a less expensive option than existing home extensions. In terms of cost per square meter, they are arguably the most preferred option. While a basic extension costs between £30,000 and £150,000, you can enjoy the comfort of a cosy garden room for less than £25,000.

Planning Permission

Obtaining planning permission for a garden room is rarely necessary, especially if the structure you intend to build is of moderate size. Furthermore, the benefit of this is that you can proceed with your garden room project with little or no delay. Especially if you work with a reputable builder to create a prefabricated modular garden room.

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Use Cases

These multi-functional rooms can be used in a variety of ways. They are appropriate for one-of-a-kind applications with limitless possibilities, depending on the owner’s preferences. A garden room can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Permanent Garden Offices
  • Sensational Garden Gyms
  • Breathtaking Garden Studios
  • Fully-equipped Game Rooms
  • Stunning Relaxation Spot
  • Private Space
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Building a Garden Room

Because of the shorter time it takes to build a garden room, it is the most viable option for homeowners in the UK. Unlike other types of extensions, which can take months to complete, a decent and bespoke garden room can be custom-built for you in as little as ten working days. Isn’t that amazing?

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Garden Offices & Rooms vs Home Extension

Garden rooms simplify and alleviate the stress of constructing a beautiful home extension. If you choose a garden room, your family and neighbours will not have to deal with the noise and dust that comes with building an extension. Why? Because building a garden room does not require any changes to your existing structure, you have the option of building it away from home in a preferred area of the garden.

The best type of garden room you can build today is a pre-engineered modular system that provides a completely remarkable upgrade over the traditional build. You save more money, time, and enjoy better quality with this factory-designed structure than you would with a custom-built structure.

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Aesthetic Features

Think again if you think garden rooms or garden offices can’t compete with the look and feel of a regular home extension. You can improve the appearance of your house or garden by installing a garden room. It has this one-of-a-kind way of adding a completely stunning quality to the overall beauty of the garden.

These magnificent works of architecture are invigoratingly beautiful! The small size often encourages well-executed design options. Your expectations will be exceeded whether you prefer it in classic, modern, stark, or minimalistic styles.

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Additional Value to Your Home

Various studies have shown that a garden room can add up to 7% to the total value of your home. Furthermore, because they are cleverly engineered to last up to three (3) generations in your garden, these remarkable structures are more of an asset than a liability.

Surprisingly, the presence of a high-quality garden room will almost certainly increase your chances of commanding a higher price when you decide to sell your property.

Final Words

According to recent statistics, the number of people staying fit, working, and studying from home is skyrocketing due to the massive increase in remote jobs. All of these homestayers require a conducive environment in order to carry out their respective activities smoothly. However, guess what? A garden room can make a world of difference!

The fantastic ability to tailor garden rooms, garden gyms, or garden offices to your style, size, design, and budget, combined with its premium thermal insulation, makes it ideal for providing you with extra space for working and exercising from home all year round.

Continuous Comfort. Lifetime Value

Studies have also shown that having a dedicated space to work, relax, exercise, and study promotes better sleep quality, improved health, and overall efficiency. By taking full advantage of what our garden rooms have to offer, you have a better chance of striking a beautiful balance between your home life and your work life.

Our prefabricated modular garden rooms and garden offices have it all when it comes to flexibility, cosiness, comfort, energy efficiency, thermal insulation, and eye-catching aesthetics! When faced with a difficult decision about which structure to add to your home, make the right choice!

Contact GREEN LID Ltd today on 01823 740 019 to design, plan, and build, and deliver your garden office – the ticket to your lifetime comfort!