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Home Improvement Ideas

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Home Improvement Ideas

At GREEN LID Ltd, we are proud of countless impressive and elegant home renovation projects that have been designed, built, and completed in Taunton and the South West over the years. Our excellent and amazing online gallery has selected these various works.

Whether you are an interested visitor or potential client who wants to transform your living space, we hope you find the much-needed inspiration and ideas for your next project by entering our incredible world of home décor examples.

Scroll down to find more examples of conservatory roofs, examples of garden rooms, examples of home extensions, and browse the area of ​​your choice. Click on each image to enlarge it for a better viewing experience.

We recommend that you visit here from time to time because this page will be constantly updated to reflect and display our latest completed projects. Welcome and thank you.

GREEN LID Building Systems

Home Extension

Our home extension projects are durable and stand the test of time. Browse examples of our completed projects and choose from many designs that will inspire you to do your own home improvement ideas. However, if you like any of these interesting examples, you can take a screenshot or save it to your scrapbook to help you make an informed decision.

Creating all year round usable rooms

Conservatory Roof Replacement

Behind every gorgeous warm roof is a professional home improvement expert who takes every step and delivers amazing results. All conservatory roof replacement examples shown below have replaced old, worn, inefficient roofs. Our team of experts has performed their transformation magic to provide a truly attractive, fully functional, and efficient new roof system. Take a look below…

Home improvement ideas


These beautiful and exciting examples of roof skylights focus on bringing you closer to the true definition of home renovation. Our Skylight system exudes luxury, combining elegance, impact, and flexibility to create a solid living space. We hope you enjoy our exquisite gallery!

a huge range of options

VELUX windows

Whether you want to build a new conservatory or plan to replace the existing conservatory roof with modern roof windows, our VELUX conservatory roof examples will seamlessly guide you through various designs and provide you with extraordinary replacement ideas. Visit our gallery and experience the difference of Velux!