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New Home Builders

In today’s market, there is a lot of news about the UK real estate crisis. High housing prices, growing demand, and tight supply have affected the housing market.

As the debate on the need to reconsider UK housing continues, there is another less controversial rethink that may have a huge impact on the shortage of residential properties in certain areas. The industry began to rethink the way houses are built.

The UK is well-known for first-class architectural solutions. However, in many ways, Britain is mired in the use of outdated construction methods and techniques.

It can be said that this is due to consumer taste. The British overwhelmingly like physical aesthetics, although other styles of residential buildings are gaining popularity, this fashion shows no signs of abating.

So far, this means that the starting point for many residential developments is technology and processes that have hardly changed in more than a century. Brick and cinder block houses have always existed, stubbornly opposed to technological changes that should make them obsolete.

new home builders

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New home builders

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However, everything is changing now, and a perfect storm is brewing, fundamentally changing the way we build houses in the UK. In summary, the factors at play are:

  • The urgent need for new housing, coupled with the shortage of land approved for development in suitable areas, is re-promoting development and requires construction on “tight” sites with limited access.
  • Long-term labor shortages in certain industries have put pressure on project delivery times and staffing levels.
  • Tighter building codes mean that contractors and specifiers face greater challenges using outdated construction technology to meet improved performance standards.
  • At the same time, product innovations the development of brick cladding systems have removed the last hurdle for the use of new technologies in the development of residential buildings.
new home builders

The transition from traditional construction

New Home Builders

The prefab nature of the GREEN LID building systems also means that much less space is required for storage or construction on-site, allowing for the development of previously inaccessible plots while minimizing disturbances to surrounding areas.

In addition to the construction process, the insulation board system also has a higher heat and air leakage performance than traditional building systems, and the structure is thinner. This will reduce energy costs for renters and homeowners and bring more valuable and marketable assets to developers.

All of these provide a compelling case for the use of GREEN LID building systems for residential development. A GREEN LID, we have increasing conversations with architects, specifiers, and developers about these systems and how they solve the complex challenges of today’s built environment.

Many projects are now in the pipeline, and as the industry begins to see these projects delivered ahead of schedule, in difficult locations, and reaching unprecedented standards, we expect an increase in specifications.

new home builders